Do you know what you are insured for? 

When is the last time you reviewed your insurance policies? 

Christoph Schnelle Risk Adviser

Actual policies improved 

The best policy for you takes into account:

In each of the examples below a client came to us with an existing policy which we reviewed and found something "better" for them. Better meant that it was more suitable for their current situation and or cheaper. 

The first 3 are for clients who only had life insurance and did not want or need to combine it with any other policy. These examples are self-explanatory. 

This next set of examples involve clients who required a more detailed review or had a particular need. Again we show the policy they came to us with and what we were able to find for them on review. We have given a brief overview in each case of the value we added with the new policy. 

Additional value that we provide to each client is that we regularly review all policies, and are always there to provide any support or changes as needed. Should a claim eventuate then we continue to provide full service to help our clients through the claim process. 

If you would like to discuss your existing Personal Insurance policies or have any questions about taking out cover for yourself, please feel free to contact Christoph Schnelle, Life Risk Specialist.



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