''Financial Planning is about you, your money and your financial well-being.
Grow, invest, protect, understand and enjoy your money.''

Christoph Schnelle 

Financial Planning 

Our clients come from all walks of life and present with different requirements and circumstances. We have those who:

  • would like to ensure they have enough money for their entire retirement

  • are interested in insurance and ensuring their assets, future earnings and family are protected

  • have a lump sum to invest or just one specific question

  • would like to review their entire financial situation and attitude to money and so forth... 


We have clients who like to know lots of details and others who prefer less - every client and situation is unique.

Below you will find some more details about what we offer including a section on Day-to-Day Financial Planning and a directory of what our services include

Your first meeting with In Your Interest Financial Planning is always free and we never take on a client unless it is worth their while. For quite a few people an initial conversation is of great value and all that is needed whilst others become life time clients and friends.

Our services include:

  • Investment Review, Advice and Management

  • Superannuation Review, Advice and Management

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice

  • Insurance Review, Advice and Management

  • Financial, Tax and Strategic Advice

  • Professional Aged Care Advice

  • Retirement Planning and Modelling

  • Estate Planning

  • Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring and Management


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Personal Insurance Services


Life, Trauma, TPD and Income Protection - professional expertise can make a HUGE difference when taking out insurance, ensuring you have the best possible cover at the best possible price.

Aged Care Services


The process need not be stressful when considering Aged Care for yourself or a loved one when you have the support of a caring and understanding professional. Be guided through the vast scope of options to find the outcome that meets your unique situation.

Further Reading


You are welcome to take advantage of our FREE library and enjoy some further reading. Be educated, inspired or change your perspective with topics ranging from Investing Psychology to the Power of Percentages.

Day-to-Day Financial Planning 

  • Money is there to support and provide as an exchange ~ not be a burden. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, be it having millions or not, everyone has concerns about money at times.

  • Once you have substantial wealth it is still important to manage, grow and preserve it. A big part of this is through seeking the right investment, estate planning, trust and superannuation advice. Of equal importance is taking care of your health and stress levels as this makes a difference to your decisions and the enjoyment of your wealth. 

  • We have observed a number of clients who were focusing on spending less when their issue was not overspending but under earning - in their case it was about seeing where they could up-skill or improve their earnings.

  • Many people have a tendency to focus on what they are taking home each month but not what is happening with their super. A significant portion of your earned money goes to super, and how that is invested makes a huge difference to you and your retirement. An hour invested in talking to Christoph about the suitability of the fund you are with (see the power of percentages) could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term.

  • We find that we can improve (better price and or better terms) over 80% of the insurance policies we review and often we can improve them substantially. It is awful to see people wasting their money on bad policies but far worse to witness them thinking they are covered for something when they are not.

  • A trap we have noticed a few people falling into is greed and attraction to get rich quick schemes, or so called investments that offer returns that are significantly higher than what the general market is offering. With good advice you can achieve a few percentage points more which over time and due to compounding can make a massive difference. However chasing double digits or much higher returns in most cases is not investing but gambling with an associated price to pay.

The mechanics of accumulating wealth are simple:
spend less than you earn and invest the difference well.
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An often underappreciated Investment

A lot of people when listing their assets do not include themselves. In most cases you and your future earnings are your biggest asset.

For example if you are currently 40 years old, earn $60,000 a year and work until you are 65, your future earnings are $1.5 million in today’s money plus any increases - so in most cases well over $2 million.

If you become sick, disabled or die at 40 then your $2 million becomes $0.

Insurance is actually an investment to protect your future earnings. If we have a $2 million dollar home or even a $60,000 car we recognise that value and take out insurance to protect it from burning down or being stolen.

You take out Insurance to protect your future earnings for yourself and your family. You can find out more about insurance and our free services in this regard on our insurance pages or just ring us for a chat.

Appointment details

Your first Financial Planning consultation with Christoph is always free. 


Insurance advice, quotes and most reviews are also free. Statements of Advice fees for Aged Care and ongoing Financial Planning services are very reasonable and vary depending on individuals' circumstances and requirements. Prior to any charges we will present you with a written quote for your written approval.

If you have any questions or would just like a chat please contact us on 1800 332 225 – we would love to hear from you.