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July 2021 Newsletter

The Latest and The Greatest Joins Our Team

Hello Everyone

It is Nicola here (General Manager of In Your Interest Financial Planning), writing the newsletter this month and taking the opportunity to introduce you to our latest and greatest new team member Deryk McLeod. Actually, our whole team is the greatest so Deryk fits perfectly.

Deryk commenced working with us last month as our new Compliance Manager and also is providing customer service support. In his spare time Deryk is completing his Financial Adviser training and will eventually become our third planner.


We are very blessed to have Deryk join us as not only is he a simply gorgeous person and a delight to be around, he also brings an absolute wealth of life and work experience.

Deryk’s prior roles include:

  • University of Queensland – School (Department) of Pharmacy Manager

  • BankWest – Director of Lending Services

Deryk LR.jpeg
  • WorkCover Queensland – Group Manager Customer Services / Underwriting / Claims and more

  • Ansett Australia – Customer Contact Centre Manager Queensland

  • ANZ Banking Group – State Manager Mortgage Operations / State Manager Operations

  • ANZ Banking Group – State Manager Planning and Finance

Cartoon rabbit money hat-108580540.jpeg

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

In April 2021, Christoph wrote a very popular newsletter about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.
He tells me that as of July 2021, there are now 5,913 separate crypto currencies up from 4,501 in February 2021.

If you think of normal currencies, the Australian dollar would count as one, the US dollar as one, the Euro as one and so on – there are 164 official national currencies  


Clearly there is something strange going on with crypto currencies when you have 5,913 compared to 164 national currencies.

Compliance and you may be hearing from Deryk

In July 2021, a whole new raft of legislation came into force that has once again increased the compliance requirements of this industry – what a fortuitous time to have someone of the calibre, genius and experience of Deryk join us.

For those of you who are investment clients of ours at least once a year there will be a few documents you have to sign if you would like to continue to be our client. Government legislation requires these prescriptive documents to be signed every year within a time frame or we are required to remove ourselves as your adviser. Deryk will be managing this process amongst many other things for you and us.
So that’s it from us for now.

Also always please feel free to contact us at any time – we are very much here and always love hearing from you.
Warm Regards


Nicola, Christoph, Deryk, Marian, Clare, Fiona and Team

Christoph Schnelle
Financial Adviser and Life & Disability Insurance Specialist
AFP LRS GradDipFinPlan 
Life Risk Specialist | SMSF Specialist Advisor
MBiostats | GStat Graduate Statistician
Accredited Aged Care Professional
Accredited Estate Planning Professional
Authorised Representative 308223

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