Many thanks to our lovely clients for taking the time and care to write these beautiful and touching testimonials.

Thank you Christoph, I always feel so smart and supported by your replies. Thank you so much for being your wonderful self. You are very awesome at what you do.

Kellie Ward, 27

Orange NSW

Christoph Schnelle has assisted me find the best insurance policies for my needs and has also been able to assist me with adjusting levels of cover that are now required due to my business expanding significantly since the initial policies were selected 5 years ago.


Christoph has a great depth of knowledge of the insurance industry and a level of understanding of potential situations that would necessitate financial assistance through insurance in the event of accident illness or disease. I feel very confident that Christoph has my interest as prime consideration in the advice that he offers.


Brisbane, Queensland

I want to thank Christoph for all his help when Trevor hurt his knee a few year ago. Christoph was so helpful and did so much work for us. He is a lovely bloke and was so nice and helped so much throughout the process.

Trevor and Maree

Brisbane, Queensland

Thank you. And also for outstanding service and prompt response with the entire team once again thank you.

Cristian Alarcon, Plumber


Christoph Schnelle really knows his stuff, he has a very unique, all-encompassing perspective of what is really going on and because of this he can explain complicated things in very simple terms. 

Bernard Cincotta, 54

Melbourne VIC

Christoph has twice helped me to make difficult decisions regarding sale of properties I owned. His helpful feedback and observations were of great assistance. His assistance was a great support for my decision making. The support he provided made me very happy that I was receiving value for money. His service was above what I believe other standard financial advisors would provide.


Federal, New South Wales

I can highly recommend Christoph Schnelle as a personal financial advisor. I was fortunate to first have his help some years ago when I was in a difficult financial situation - I have never had a very comfortable relationship with money mostly because of accrued debt while training as a doctor.


I always found Christoph to provide excellent honest advice to me and always in a timely manner. I find Christoph to have this amazing clarity of mind which is sharp and perceptive- and his calm reassuring demeanour saw me through some complex times. I feel secure in his advise re my insurances and managing my superannuation.


As I gradually surface out of the debt situation, I will be sure to continue working with Christoph to see how I can increase my financial freedom and knowledge over time . Investments will be the next step.


Please know that Christoph works with the utmost integrity and care for the individuals needs of his clients. His ethical approach and sound financial advice are lovely qualities which I admire indeed.

Dr S

Brisbane, Queensland

Christoph has always been extremely responsive to all my questions, he takes care to understand the particular circumstances before offering his advice. I have absolute trust and confidence in his advice, in terms of quality and also that he always has my best interests at heart. Unfortunately, it's not common to feel that someone is always working for you 100%, without any self interest for themselves.


Sydney, Australia

I am a barrister practicing at the private referral bar in Brisbane. I had a difficult application for life insurance. Without Christoph's help it is entirely conceivable the application would never have got across the line. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Brisbane, Queensland

As a single mother who has gone through some very difficult stuff including a divorce settlement, I have found Christoph not only to be a great Financial Advisor but also incredibly supportive.

Medical Receptionist

Melbourne, Victoria

Christoph always provides detailed, clear and personalised advice to support with my financial management, superannuation and future planning. Invaluable advice.


Brisbane, Queensland

Thanks Christoph you are a Superstar. Wish everyone was as wonderfully helpful as YOU.

Mrs A Pearson

Sydney, New South Wales

Thanks very much for your support and the wisdom of your financial guidance.

Dr E McGregor

Goonellabah, New South Wales

I just felt to say how much I enjoy your newsletters. They really are funny and light and there is always something of interest too.

Lee Green

Perth WA

Last year my husband died. He had managed all our financial affairs.  I, at 82, was facing the responsibility of caring for the children’s inheritance as well as my own future needs. The thought of coping with it by myself felt very daunting. I knew I needed a financial adviser. I was most fortunate to meet Christoph Schnelle who, mindful of my needs, gently guided me through it all.  I am now content that all is taken care of under the present difficult circumstances.

Mrs V

Melbourne, Victoria

Thank you Nicola.  I don’t think you or Christoph know the absolute peace of mind having you in my life generates. 

Viv O'Leary, Teacher

Lismore, New South Wales

Dear Christoph,  I just wanted to send you a huge thanks on so many levels. I really appreciated your insights and guidance today in regards to finances, getting my insurance sorted and for being a listening ear. You have a very special peacefullness and accepting nature that puts me at ease and I appreciate that.

Dr Inga Schader

Bangalow, New South Wales

Hi Christoph

Thank you for sending that through. Fifteen years ago when I lived in New Zealand I said to my husband, "We need a plan, where will we be in 10 or 20 years. But for now, let's go with 5 years, where do we want to be in 5 years?"  We never answered those questions.

A few hours after I'd spoken to you on that Sunday and you'd shared the Advice that would be in the written quote, I realised for the first time in my life, I had a plan. Thank you Christoph, for this has been a loving experience that I'm grateful to us both for embarking on.

Julie Ferguson

Mackay, Queensland

thanks Christoph - 

And I would just like to say thank you for all your support in life and in business - you and Nicola have been the most amazing support to me and I often feel a great deal of love and gratitude for you both.

Thanks also for encouraging me to branch out and hire people. You saw a potential in me and encouraged me when I really needed it and besides that you are just generally a really lovely person and a joy to know.

Small Business Owner

Goonellabah, New South Wales

I have developed a confidence in Christoph's knowledge and attention to the detail of my individual financial situation.

As a small business, Christoph has offered strategic advice around restructuring loans, property depreciation schedules, salary sacrifice, the benefits of which have well covered the fees. A comprehensive financial plan was of great assistance as I arrived into my 6th decade!

The patience, efficiency and thoroughness with which questions and enquiries are followed up make IYI easy to recommend. I have been treated with respect and gentleness.


Melbourne, Victoria

I love how simple it’s all explained… coming from someone who doesn’t know much about the details of investments. Feels good to be working on this, especially with your guidance. Muchas thank you’s for yours and the IYI team’s support.

Nicki Ferguson

Sydney, New South Wales

I had the most incredible financial planning session with Christoph and Nicola yesterday where we talked about the state of my finances but mainly about my attitude toward money and what it represents and how that impacts on the way I work, live and deal with life. Thank you so much for your insights and really understanding what my needs are when it comes to insurance and investments.

In the past when I have talked to financial advisors I left the meeting glazed over, confused and with no idea of what I have agreed to. Not in this case. In Your Interest is the perfect name for this business, they took the time to understand me and what I needed. Thank you so much it was wonderful.

Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist

Brisbane, Queensland

Dear Christoph,

I have prepared this document as formal testament to your exceptional service and advice.

For many years my wife and I have looked at our group certificates at the end of each financial year and wondered what have we done with the figures staring back at us? We understood focus was required, but where should we focus our efforts and what options were available?

If we were going to work smarter, it was clear we needed sound professional advice.

During our consultations with you, we learnt a great deal about ourselves and our financial options. The plan that we forged together, as a consultative group, was truly tailored to our needs and included realistic, achievable outcomes.

I have found a great deal of relief, knowing that even the small financial changes we have made will be of great benefit in the future. Since completing our financial plan, we have a better understanding of the implications of our financial habits. 'We no longer waste our energy worrying about what to do, because now we have a clear vision.

I continue to be impressed by your industry knowledge and insight.

It is wonderful to find business people that go above and beyond to delight their customers and I sincerely thank you for your efforts.

Our new motto is "Why retire, when you can become financially independent".


Bilambil Heights, Tweed Heads, New South Wales

Christoph is a remarkably astute and insightful individual whose breadth of knowledge and expertise in financial planning was invaluable in helping to guide and inform our investment decisions. The accuracy, clarity and quality of the advice that we received from Christoph was carefully detailed and wholly cognisant of our individual situation and our long term objectives.

R & M

Sydney, New South Wales

Christoph has always been clear and present with his advice, advising us not only on the financial implications of our choices, but helping us to understand the deeper purpose that underlies our relationship to money. This is invaluable, and points to a holistic approach and a deep, heart-centred intelligence that I have found inspiring.


Melbourne, Victoria

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Christoph helped me to put in a TPD claim. He is thorough in his advice and listens carefully before responding to answering. His compassion was very comforting during a very difficult time in my life.

Through Christoph's knowledge and experience, I felt very confident that I would get a good outcome and in March this year, I got the good news that my claim had been approved.

I know this would not have been approved without Christoph and Marians expertise.

Thankyou Christoph and thankyou Marian from the bottom of my heart!!


Northern Rivers, NSW

This is perfect, thank you so much for putting it all so clearly and also for your patience with us in  getting this arranged. We really appreciate it.

Mark and Leanne - Business Owners

Goonellabah, New South Wales

Dear Christoph,​ I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderfull advice you gave us following my husbands death.  It just seemed unfair after paying into our MLC life insurance policy for the past 40 years that within 3 months of cancelling the policy he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.


He only lived for 3 months after that diagnosis. Sadly, although he seemed fit and healthy he had the cancer at the time of canceling.  Thank you! You were the only one who said I should pursue the claim. All other professional advice I had said it was a waste of my time. It was a difficult enough time. You not only gave me the courage and hope to do it but also gave sound advice on how to go about it that made all the difference.​ MLC have said they will pay the claim. Less the few months between canceling and diagnosis. Which is wonderful.


I cant thank you enough. Not only did I loose Neil but our business that we both worked in is no longer an option without him. This money has literally changed the remainder of my life. It has given me new options. Thank you.


Woolgoolga, New South Wales

Christoph has been patient, clear, enthusiastic about explaining finance and superannuation options for me, and has shown amazing persistence in helping me to manage my ongoing income and life insurance needs. He's nothing short of a miracle worker in assisting me to be responsible and informed about my own finances. I'd recommend his level of clarity and personalised care to anyone.


Lismore, New South Wales

I saw Christoph recently and I felt very supported by Christoph. He had my best interests at heart and I had full trust in him. He didn't just reel off standard recommendations for someone in my position but he really felt into what was best for me and gave advice based on my needs and wants. He explained all my questions and I left feeling very empowered. I would highly recommend Christoph to all. 

Nikki McKee

Goonellabah, New South Wales

Thank you for your insightful and knowledgeable advice this last year, which has been invaluable.

Mrs Bailey

Registered Nurse

Christoph's deep understanding of numbers and money is significant but to me what sets him apart is his 'whole picture' approach and his great insights into the inner workings of life and business. I thought I was getting advice on money... instead I got a deeper understanding of my work and life in general. His wisdom in Financial affairs is matched only by his great care for his clients. I can't recommend his services more highly.

Rebecca Asquith

Goonellabah, New South Wales

Thank you for your advice, I am happy with the service and attention I receive from you and your staff.


Doug R, Sydney, NSW

Doug R

Sydney, NSW

Thank you so much for your guidance and kindness.

Josie D

Melbourne, Victoria

Christoph has provided me with financial planning, thoughtful follow-up and personalised information with the utmost integrity. He has guided me through a thorough process to develop a comprehensive financial plan with on-going support and contact. Through this process I have enjoyed learning and being educated in financial matters that concern me and suit my interest and lifestyle.


Ocean Grove, Victoria

We wanted a plan to help progress our personal and business finances.

Christoph worked with us individually in a way that was both truthful and gentle, exposing beliefs that had us stuck in conflict around money for 12 years. Unexpectedly the process has transformed communication around money in our relationship and helped us both to understand our strengths and we are now able to be much more harmonious and effective.

He works with us at our different levels of financial literacy moving us forward when we are ready. He has an exceptional feel of numbers and is extremely perceptive, understanding where you are, where you could be and why you are not there.


Perth, Western Australia

We have learnt a lot from Christoph who is highly knowledgable in this field and has a very caring and holistic approach. He ensures he always clearly understands our needs, shares his knowledge and offers advice in such a way that allows us to weigh up, do due diligence and feel empowered to make decisions about this very important area of our lives.

He works with us at our different levels of financial literacy moving us forward when we are ready. He has an exceptional feel of numbers and is extremely perceptive, understanding where you are, where you could be and why you are not there.


Melbourne, Victoria

Thank you for being so awesome to have as a financial advisor – I feel deeply held and supported and it is very much appreciated

Angela Perin

Brisbane, Queensland

Thanks Nicola.

I look forward to another year of loving guidance and care from both Christoph and you.

Joyce Reuben

Perth, Western Australia

Dear Christoph, I would like to take the opportunity and thank you for your very dedicated and caring service. I was always blasé about life insurance and income protection but I am very glad to have come and seen you for a consultation. You have helped me to re-evaluate my approach and together with your outstanding patience and great skills we have been able to find an insurance that I now feel very supported by. 

Desiree Delaloye

Goonellabah, New South Wales

Christoph has a unique way with financial planning, he helps you understand not just what to do with the dollars and cents but also your relationship to the dollars and cents. How we work with our money is now quite different and we thank Christoph for this (and his amazing capacity for information and numbers). Being on the other side of the country provides no barrier to the quality of the advice or service we receive.

J & N

Perth, Western Australia

We have been using In Your Interest Financial Planning for over four years now and for the first time when a broker says they will review your policy each year to see if it is still meeting your needs, they actually do it. Through the service we have received, our overall financial plan and specific polices truly feel to be in our financial interest.


Management Consultant

Thank you for such a clear and considerate insurance process.


Brisbane, Queensland

Hi Christoph
Thank you for the call this morning, it has supported me to a deeper understanding and awareness.
With appreciation

Susan Hayes

Ballarat, Victoria

Someone I can ask the really ‘dumb’ questions I would be too embarrassed to ask other professionals, not just out of ignorance but because I know I won’t understand the answer! What I like about Christoph is that he is very patient in explaining so that I understand and that I trust him to make the choice if I don’t completely get it AND that he attends to all the paper work!!!

Very important for an organisationally challenged person where almost everything is a work-in-progress! Otherwise crucial matters can be organisationally delayed for years because they get added to the too hard/avoidance list.


Northern River, New South Wales

Before meeting Christoph, my approach to money had always been haphazard - to put it lightly. I lived in the delusion that I would always have enough money and that at some point I would suddenly and magically have all the riches of the world – like it would just appear. I was the kind of person who would have just enough money to scrape by and sometimes would literally have no money to last me a few days until my next pay. Why did I believe this was okay? Why did I not consider that I had the ability to be able to take responsibility and look after my finances?

After meeting with Christoph, I felt empowered. I developed an understanding of the relationship I had with money: I resented that it ruled human’s lives and that we needed to have it at all. I reacted to those who chose to flaunt their money and the way money was interchanged with power on a global scale. Christoph brought my awareness to these misconceptions and I started developing a new and completely different perspective and understanding about money.

I understood that looking after my money started with looking after myself. Money was like an extension of me and looking after it, looked after everything about me too. If I ensured I paid bills and always had a reserve of money in the bank, I never had to face the stress and worry of having an empty bank account if I needed money urgently. The same goes for planning money for my future and taking financial commitments such as a mortgage, car loan or have a super account. It sounds so simple now, but when you are stuck in the rut of your own doing, it can be a difficult place to get an idea of what is going on.

I now see money in such a different light. I consider looking after my finances to be just as important as looking after my body. If something is not working financially in that I do not have enough money to pay bills or am not able to purchase things necessary for my health, work and wellbeing; I do not just accept that this is okay and a part of life. Just as if I had something wrong with my body I would go to the doctor, I take the time to work out what is going on and then consider if I need to make some changes. Christoph has supported me to be honest and clear about where I can make these changes in my life to ensure that I am financially supported and continue to understand and develop a positive relationship with money.

Simone Blom

Goonellabah, New South Wales

We wanted a plan to help progress our personal and business finances.

Christoph worked with us individually in a way that was both truthful and gentle, exposing beliefs that had us stuck in conflict around money for 12 years. Unexpectedly the process has transformed communication around money in our relationship and helped us both to understand our strengths and we are now able to be much more harmonious and effective.

He works with us at our different levels of financial literacy moving us forward when we are ready. He has an exceptional feel of numbers and is extremely perceptive, understanding where you are, where you could be and why you are not there.


Perth, Western Australia

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