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Top 10 Insurance Tips


This very valuable and yet free ebook is full of tips and traps to watch out for when you purchase Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Trauma (also know as Critical Illness) Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) or Business Expenses Insurance.


Starting Out in Life


Why do I need insurance? I’m young and healthy.

Great! That’s the perfect time to take out insurance. It is like taking out house insurance when your house is still standing. The moment it’s damaged insurance becomes harder or impossible.

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Income Protection FAQ


Income Protection Insurance is the most important policy to protect your future earnings. Here was answer some common questions.

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The Power of Percentages


The difference between many successful and unsuccessful investors is a few percentage points a year, every year. It can be very important to fully appreciate the effects of percentages and compounding.


The Psychology of Investing


The mechanics of accumulating wealth are simple - spend less than you earn and invest the difference well - so why do we sometimes find this hard?

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How we find the Best Insurance Policy for You


This page follows on from our Insurance Services page and provides more details as to our service and how we carry them out including; our free review service, our free quoting service, how and why we can find the best policy for you and which insurance companies we use.