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I'm young and healthy - why do I need insurance? Excellent, that is the perfect time to take out insurance.

Here's why...

When you are young and healthy with no pre-existing health conditions, you can easily and cheaply obtain insurance. If you wait until you have a condition, or until life throws you a curveball, insurance can become expensive very quickly. Or worse, you might not be able to get it at all. 

By the time you have kids and or a mortgage, chances are you will want to protect your future earnings and you may be more aware of your mortality or have friends who have become unwell or unable to work. If you have insurance in place and then you get a curveball, it does not affect your insurance or your premium. 

Taking out insurance when you are young and healthy means you are set up for life with a good insurance policy and presuming you continue to pay your premiums, no curveball can knock it out of place.

Me, Wealthy? That'll only happen when I win the lotto!

Accumulating wealth is not actually that tricky.
Even on a low income, accumulating wealth is possible. 

Winning the lotto might make you wealthy, but the chances of a big win are not something to bank on. Accumulating wealth is not actually that tricky. There are a few basic principles and slow and steady can win this race. 

Even on a low income, accumulating wealth is possible. It is actually quite amazing what is possible when you take small regular steps. And no it doesn’t mean scrimping away - just a few smart strategies in place and before long you you may well be surprised by the results. 

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Trauma insurance advice

Already got insurance? Do you know what you are really covered for?

Have a free review... It might surprise you.

There are some great insurance policies around with some trustworthy and honest companies… but there are also the opposite. Telling the difference can be hard and we haven’t all managed the art of staying awake while reading the fine print – let alone understanding it! 


Christoph Schnelle and the Team at In Your Interest Financial Planning are experts at this and it is our pleasure to support you.

It is not uncommon for people who have taken out insurance to think they are covered for something they are not. Or they are paying far too much for what they are covered for. Christoph provides insurance reviews free of charge and 80% of the time he can improve your insurance situation.

I’ve got car insurance, what’s the point of life insurance?

Who brings in the money? You or your car?

Most of us are sensible enough to insure our cars, but are we sensible enough to insure our greatest asset? As income earners, our greatest asset is our future earnings – and that means insuring ourselves. If we are unable to work for a period of time, or to work in the same capacity, our way of life can be drastically affected. 

If you are a 30 year old earning $70,000 you can assume you will earn well over $2 million. Your family, kids and incidentally you, will miss out on this $2 plus million and most likely incur many additional costs if anything were to happen to you . Imagine your life now if your means of earning money was taken away. Surely that is worth insuring?

Life Insurance Lismore

If you would like to discuss your existing Personal Insurance policies or have any questions about taking out cover for yourself, please feel free to contact Christoph Schnelle, Life Risk Specialist.



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